Why we left Montana?

Montana for me is the most beautiful state in the USA that I’ve ever seen and that I’ve ever had the chance to live in, and at some point, we would like to go back there.

Montana has the most beautiful and stunning landscapes that you could ever imagine.

It’s also the perfect state to live in if you love the outdoors.

The number of outdoor activities that you can do there it’s insane.

Going from the most simple ones like hiking, to the wildest ones like hunting and skiing during the winter.

Rainbow Dam, Great Falls, MT. Photo By: @miriam_bade_photography
Rainbow Dam, Great Falls, MT. Photo By: @miriam_bade_photography

Montana was kind of our paradise but sadly for our little family, it didn’t have the job offer that we needed.

I was a Software Developer and Jon is an Air Force Veteran.

When I got pregnant, I knew I had to leave my job since I had to travel a lot for work.

Air photo of Bismarck, ND that I took on one of my flights back to Montana.
Air photo of Bismarck, ND that I took on one of my flights back to Montana.

Our decision of leaving Montana

After struggling for over a year, we decided that the amount of money that we were making wasn’t enough to cover all our expenses and most of the time, we had to ask for help.

As a result, we agreed that I would get a job and that Jon would stay at home taking care of our daughter while pursuing his career.

Finally, after a lot of interviews and a lot of work trying to refresh my programming knowledge, I was able to get a job in Omaha, NE.

We chose to move to Omaha,NE because Jon’s family is here.

Therefore, the change would help us not only to have a better life but also to keep us closer to his family.

I am sure, that one day we will be back in our loved Montana.

Peace and Love!!!

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