Family: Our baby’s first Halloween and Day of the Dead.

As Mexican and Catholic, I was raised with the idea of Hallowing being a celebration that honors the evil and the darkness.

However, now that I am married and living in a country where Halloween it’s a huge celebration, I was happy with the idea of taking our baby to her first trick or treating and doing a family costume.

Is not that I was trying to forget or left behind my roots. I just didn’t want to focus on the “evil” that could happen on this day but rather I wanted to focus on giving my child a great Halloween that she might not remember but for me, it would be a memory that would live forever in my heart.

Furthermore, the fact that Jon didn’t want to do a spooky costume theme, i made me feel even better about it and even my mom was happy to hear that we all would be getting costumes for Halloween.

The theme that we chose was Alice in Wonderland and it turned out pretty good. 

Jon was the Mad Hatter, Astrid was Alice and I was the Queen of Hearts.

All dressed up as Alice in Wonderland
All dressed up as Alice in Wonderland

To be safe, we took Astrid to trick or treat to a nearby church that was having a trick or trunk for the kids.

She wasn’t sure at the begging and didn’t know how to react but when we went inside of the church to warm up a little bit, Astrid saw other kids around and she was having a blast.

Astrid’s first Day of the Dead

Additionally, it was Astrid’s first Day of the Dead as well, and even though she is still too small to know the meaning of that celebration, it’s a tradition that I want to pass to her  so she can keep doing it once I am gone and that she also can pass it to her family if she ever decides to have one.

For now, she only got to try the bread of the dead (pan de muerto) that I got from a Mexican grocery store online, and she wasn’t really sure about it but what she really loved was the Mexican hot chocolate.

Astrid eatting pan de muerto

After all, both holidays are something that we are going to keep celebrating and I am pretty sure that Astrid is gonna love them both because each of them represents a part of her roots and what she is.

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