Mexican dishes that Jon doesn’t want to try.

“I’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food is a psychopath.”
― Jim Gaffigan, Food: A Love Story

Now that we live in Omaha, NE, my chances to find more authentic Mexican dishes has increased a lot.

And as a good Mexican, I’ve been trying to teach to my gringo the deliciousness of my culture and it’s food and so far he has been doing great.

Just a little bit cautious on the spicy side.

But it doesn’t matter how good and appetizing some of the dishes are, he refuses to try my two of favorite dishes that I miss the most from Mexico.

Pancita (also called Menudo, mondongo or tripe) and lengua tacos better known as beef tongue tacos.

What it’s Pancita?

The Pancita or menudo it’s a traditional Mexican soup made with cow’s stomach.

The broth also contains some chili peppers, tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

On the other hand, this dish’s also known in Mexico as the best cure for a hangover and that’s why it’s mostly sold during the weekends.

Still, my gringo refuses to try it just because it’s tripe.

Mexican Menudo
Mexican Menudo by Mexico in my Kitchen

Beef tongue Tacos

Beef tongue tacos are a traditional Mexican dish that might sound weird at first, but it’s absolutely delicious!!.

The beef tongue well cooked it’s soft and almost falls apart (due to it’s high content in fat), and its taste like regular meat.

But for most of the people, including my hubby, it’s a pass.

Tacos de Lengua
Tacos de Lengua

Regardless of what he says, I still have hope for him and I trust that he is going to be willing to try them once we go to Mexico.

The Irish battalion that fought for Mexico.

The Mexican-American war was a conflict between the US and Mexico between 1846 and 1848.

The Saint Patrick’s battalion was a unit of mostly Irish immigrants who left the United States Army to fight for Mexico during this war.

John O’riley and The St. Patrick’s Battalion

The Saint Patrick’s Battalion was integrated by 175 Catholic Irish and some German immigrants as well as Canadians, English, French among others.

John O’riley was their leader.

O’riley was an Irish soldier in the British Army who emigrated to the United States and later on enlisted in the US Army.

Although as part of the US Army, the Irish were treated as inferiors and given dirty jobs as well as they were not allowed to profess their religion.

This caused the desertion of several Irish soldiers, mostly Catholics.

John O'Riley
John O’Riley

Mexico’s offerings to the Irish

After leaving the American army, the Irish decided to join the Mexican armed forces because they were offered money, land, and freedom to profess their religion.

However, the freedom to profess their religion was the biggest factor to make them join the Mexican army.

Although the Irish Catholics felt certain sympathy for mexico because as Ireland, Mexico was a poor Catholic country.

The battle of Churubusco and the after math of the war.

The battle of Churubusco was the Saint Patrick’s final battle.

When the Americans attacked on August 20, 1847, the San Patricios fought like demons.

However, they had to surrender when they ran out of ammunition.

Finally, the Irish soldiers that were captured by the Americans were executed.

In spite of that, now a days the memory of those brave soldiers remains.

A plaque with their names was added to the Plaza of San Jacinto in Mexico city.

Also, every year on March 17th and September 13th, the battalion is commemorated an celebrated by Mexicans.

The Saint Patrick Battalion Marker
The Saint Patrick Battalion Marker.
Photographer: J. Makali Bruton

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How to survive to the winter in Montana?

Montana is know by the locals to have only 2 seasons for the whole year.

In a regular place you would have, spring, summer, fall and winter.

But in Montana, Spring and Fall are almost not existent.

After living for over 5 years in Montana I realized that the weather there can be different from what I was used to.

Spring it’s mostly cold, with snowfall for most of the time and fall could still be warmer like Summer and then it could be really cold the next day without any warning.

On the other hand, when I first moved to Helena, MT from Mexico city I didn’t know what to expect for the winter.

I knew it would be cold, that there would be snow but I wasn’t sure how to get ready for it.

About two months before my first winter in Montana I started asking to the locals about the right gear and things to buy for someone that was not ready for that kind of weather.

The answers that I got were different because of course, some of them were used to the weather and they would mention one thing and the people that I used to work with, would say something different.

Finally, I went to Seattle to visit a friend and I ended up buying a lot of expensive stuff that now I know that it was useless.

Montana winter meme
Montana winter meme

Gear tips

  1. Bundle up – Instead of wearing a huge coat, better to bundle up. It will keep you warmer.
  2. Thermal underwear. You can get some special undergarment that will help you to stay warm.
  3. Special coat. Get a coat that has been designed to resist water, wind and keep you warm.
  4. Don’t wear too many layers. It might seem contradictory to my first point, but if you wear too many layers it’s gonna be sweaty and uncomfortable.
  5. Get comfy snow-boots. They would be your allies during the snowiest and coldests days.
  6. Gloves. The thickness will depend on how much time you are going to spend outside.
  7. Hand Warmers. They are going to be your allies in case you can’t handle the cold.
  8. Use a neck warmer. Keeping your neck covered will keep better the heat of your body.
  9. Snow Pants. You would need them only if you are going to ski or to walk by a big pile of snow.

Survival tips

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink a good amount of water because the use of heating systems will dehydrate you.
  2. Tea. Tea will keep you warm and hydrated.
  3. Don’t drink too much coffee. It can cause dehydration.
  4. Eat comfort food. Your body will need the calories.
  5. Have a winter survival kit in your vehicle.
  6. Eat food that has more fat. It will help to keep your body temperature.

Finally, enjoy the weather and the beauty of it because it’s a wonderful experience!!

Us in the winter of 2015
Us in the winter of 2015

Valentine’s Day in a new city.

Valentine’s Day it’s a holiday that I always look forward to celebrating with my hubby, but since we became parents, things have changed a little bit.

Last year, for example, we went out to celebrate to our favorite restaurant in Great Falls, MT and we took our baby girl with us. It was a family date!!.

Valentine's Day Family Date

Valentine’s Day Family Date

Ready for our date !

This year things have changed a lot!!.

We left Montana last November and moved to my hubby’s hometown, Omaha, NE.

In addition to it, I had to be on call at work

As a result, this year we’ve decided to stay home on Valentine’s Day and postpone our celebration.

We agreed that we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the following Saturday and that his mom could help us to babysit our little girl!

Our Valentine’s Day traditions:

Now that I think about it, I believe that our dating style and traditions are pretty basic and the only things that we usually do to celebrate Valentine’s Day it’s:

– Go to the movie theater

– Go out to have a special dinner

Sometimes being married or in a relationship with someone that has a completely different background than yours could be complicated.

Although my hubby has his own special way to let me know that he loves me.

Valentine's Day flowers
Valentine’s Day Flowers

Sometimes he would get me flowers out of nowhere or buy me something for a special occasion (my birthday, Christmas, etc).

But what it always says that he loves me regardless if it’s a special occasion or not, it’s the way that he takes care of me and our baby girl and that’s a gift that not everyone can give.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

Mexican Burnt Salsa recipe

A good salsa is one of the most basic and common toppings in any Mexican household and ours is not the exception!!

Below is the recipe of a burnt salsa that my husband found and that he loves to make for everyone.


For a small batch of this delicious burnt salsa you will need:

  • 4 tomatoes
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 serrano pepper
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1/2 bunch of cilantro
  • sea salt
Fresh tomatoes on the comal
Fresh tomatoes on the comal


  • First of all you need to wash all your fresh ingredients.
  • Set your burner on medium and let your  comal heat.
  • Once the comal is hot enough, put the tomatoes, serrano pepper, and the onion on it and cook them until everything it’s “burned” a little bit.
Roasted ingredients
Roasted ingredients
  • Set it aside and let it cool down.
  • Remove the steam from the serrano pepper, the root from the onion (if it has it) and place it in the blender along with the cilantro and sea salt to taste.

Note: Do not remove the burned parts!! You don’t wanna loose all the flavor!!

Getting ready to blend the veggies!
Getting ready to blend the veggies!
  • Blend it and let it cool down.

Serve the salsa and enjoy it!!!.

You can use tortilla chips to eat it or add it as topping to any food.

The salsa is ready!!
The salsa is ready!!

Total cooking time: 1 hr.

Note: I am not sure that this is s traditional salsa because we Mexicans have too many salsas.

Although this is something that my gringo found in the internet and that he enjoys making for us.