The truth behind Cinco de Mayo

“Despite Latinos’ best efforts to explain the true story behind Cinco de Mayo, it seems nothing will stop fraternities and the general American public from turning the holiday into an excuse to get turnt up. But we refuse to surrender!” — Carolina Moreno

Since I moved to the USA back in 2013 I realized that a lot of Americans celebrate May 5th better known as Cinco de Mayo.

At the beginning I didn’t care a lot but then everything started to be weird because people used to tell me ” Happy Cinco de Mayo”

Of course , I didn’t know how to react or what to say other than thank you.

This is because Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s independence Day.

That’s on September 16th.

Hence, there’s not really a holiday that it’s celebrated in Mexico.

Facts about Cinco de Mayo

  • The Battle of Puebla was an armed conflict between the Mexican and French Army on May 5th of 1862 near the city of Puebla.
  • The root cause was that Mexico stopped the payments on foreign debts.
  • The Tripartite Alliance formed by Spain, France, and Britain invaded Mexico in 1861.
  • The Alliance fell apart when France wanted to impose harsh demands to the Mexican Government.
  • The French wanted to create a monarchy in Mexico.
  • The French army was confronted and stopped in Puebla by the Mexican Army.
  • The battle delayed the French intervention for about a year.
  • The French won the second battle of Puebla on May 17th of 1863.
  • Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian of Austria became Mexico’s new emperor.
  • This “holiday” it’s only celebrated in the city of Puebla.
Maximilian I of Mexico
Maximilian I of Mexico

Do’s and Don’ts about Cinco de Mayo

  • Don’t say “Happy Cinco de Mayo” – It’s not independence day.
  • Do enjoy Mexican food.
  • Do drink margaritas.
  • Don’t wear a fake mustache.
  • Do dance.
  • Don’t say Cinco de Drinko.
  • Do not get “accessories” from party city.
  • And an essential one, do enjoy the party like any other Mexican would!!.
Cinco de Mayo celebration
Cinco de Mayo celebration. Photo from

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