Mexican dishes that Jon doesn’t want to try.

“I’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t like Mexican food is a psychopath.”
― Jim Gaffigan, Food: A Love Story

Now that we live in Omaha, NE, my chances to find more authentic Mexican dishes has increased a lot.

And as a good Mexican, I’ve been trying to teach to my gringo the deliciousness of my culture and it’s food and so far he has been doing great.

Just a little bit cautious on the spicy side.

But it doesn’t matter how good and appetizing some of the dishes are, he refuses to try my two of favorite dishes that I miss the most from Mexico.

Pancita (also called Menudo, mondongo or tripe) and lengua tacos better known as beef tongue tacos.

What it’s Pancita?

The Pancita or menudo it’s a traditional Mexican soup made with cow’s stomach.

The broth also contains some chili peppers, tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

On the other hand, this dish’s also known in Mexico as the best cure for a hangover and that’s why it’s mostly sold during the weekends.

Still, my gringo refuses to try it just because it’s tripe.

Mexican Menudo
Mexican Menudo by Mexico in my Kitchen

Beef tongue Tacos

Beef tongue tacos are a traditional Mexican dish that might sound weird at first, but it’s absolutely delicious!!.

The beef tongue well cooked it’s soft and almost falls apart (due to it’s high content in fat), and its taste like regular meat.

But for most of the people, including my hubby, it’s a pass.

Tacos de Lengua
Tacos de Lengua

Regardless of what he says, I still have hope for him and I trust that he is going to be willing to try them once we go to Mexico.


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