How to survive to the winter in Montana?

Montana is know by the locals to have only 2 seasons for the whole year.

In a regular place you would have, spring, summer, fall and winter.

But in Montana, Spring and Fall are almost not existent.

After living for over 5 years in Montana I realized that the weather there can be different from what I was used to.

Spring it’s mostly cold, with snowfall for most of the time and fall could still be warmer like Summer and then it could be really cold the next day without any warning.

On the other hand, when I first moved to Helena, MT from Mexico city I didn’t know what to expect for the winter.

I knew it would be cold, that there would be snow but I wasn’t sure how to get ready for it.

About two months before my first winter in Montana I started asking to the locals about the right gear and things to buy for someone that was not ready for that kind of weather.

The answers that I got were different because of course, some of them were used to the weather and they would mention one thing and the people that I used to work with, would say something different.

Finally, I went to Seattle to visit a friend and I ended up buying a lot of expensive stuff that now I know that it was useless.

Montana winter meme
Montana winter meme

Gear tips

  1. Bundle up – Instead of wearing a huge coat, better to bundle up. It will keep you warmer.
  2. Thermal underwear. You can get some special undergarment that will help you to stay warm.
  3. Special coat. Get a coat that has been designed to resist water, wind and keep you warm.
  4. Don’t wear too many layers. It might seem contradictory to my first point, but if you wear too many layers it’s gonna be sweaty and uncomfortable.
  5. Get comfy snow-boots. They would be your allies during the snowiest and coldests days.
  6. Gloves. The thickness will depend on how much time you are going to spend outside.
  7. Hand Warmers. They are going to be your allies in case you can’t handle the cold.
  8. Use a neck warmer. Keeping your neck covered will keep better the heat of your body.
  9. Snow Pants. You would need them only if you are going to ski or to walk by a big pile of snow.

Survival tips

  1. Stay hydrated. Drink a good amount of water because the use of heating systems will dehydrate you.
  2. Tea. Tea will keep you warm and hydrated.
  3. Don’t drink too much coffee. It can cause dehydration.
  4. Eat comfort food. Your body will need the calories.
  5. Have a winter survival kit in your vehicle.
  6. Eat food that has more fat. It will help to keep your body temperature.

Finally, enjoy the weather and the beauty of it because it’s a wonderful experience!!

Us in the winter of 2015
Us in the winter of 2015


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