Valentine’s Day in a new city.

Valentine’s Day it’s a holiday that I always look forward to celebrating with my hubby, but since we became parents, things have changed a little bit.

Last year, for example, we went out to celebrate to our favorite restaurant in Great Falls, MT and we took our baby girl with us. It was a family date!!.

Valentine's Day Family Date

Valentine’s Day Family Date

Ready for our date !

This year things have changed a lot!!.

We left Montana last November and moved to my hubby’s hometown, Omaha, NE.

In addition to it, I had to be on call at work

As a result, this year we’ve decided to stay home on Valentine’s Day and postpone our celebration.

We agreed that we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the following Saturday and that his mom could help us to babysit our little girl!

Our Valentine’s Day traditions:

Now that I think about it, I believe that our dating style and traditions are pretty basic and the only things that we usually do to celebrate Valentine’s Day it’s:

– Go to the movie theater

– Go out to have a special dinner

Sometimes being married or in a relationship with someone that has a completely different background than yours could be complicated.

Although my hubby has his own special way to let me know that he loves me.

Valentine's Day flowers
Valentine’s Day Flowers

Sometimes he would get me flowers out of nowhere or buy me something for a special occasion (my birthday, Christmas, etc).

But what it always says that he loves me regardless if it’s a special occasion or not, it’s the way that he takes care of me and our baby girl and that’s a gift that not everyone can give.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!