No writing for my blog

A few months ago when I decided to create this blog, I think I forgot to mention that I was a stay at home mom to a 1-year-old baby girl.

Also at that point, my husband, was the only working to provide for our little family.

Now, things have changed a lot!!.

I got a job in a new town and we moved from Great Falls, MT to my husband’s hometown, Omaha, NE. And of course, that’s a huge change for anyone.

Our Little Family in Omaha
Our Little Family in Omaha

So now, I am the one that goes to work every day, and Jon stays at home with our child.

Therefore, by the time that I make it back home, I just want to spend time with them and to try to relax before we start Astrid’s bedtime routine.

Thus, after the adjustment period, I will try to make the effort to start writing more content and I hope you like it!!.