Growing up Mexican: My Abuela and my Religion against Halloween.

When I was a kid back in Mexico I never really had the chance to celebrate Halloween because I grew up in a very Catholic household.

You might wonder, what does that have to do with Halloween if Halloween is a day to have fun and dress up like anything you want?.

Well, it actually has a lot to do.

First of all, in Mexico Halloween is considered a foreign tradition that yes, it’s celebrated, but at the same time is rejected for many. This is just because some people are trying to keep the Mexican traditions.


But the Catholic religion has also a lot to do.

As Catholics, we were told every time that would go to mass during the month of October that Halloween was a pagan satanic celebration where people not only would perform Satanic rituals but also that was a celebration that went against the Catholic church believes because it promoted witchcraft and esotericism.  Hence, we shouldn’t celebrate it.


What it made it even “worse” was my “Mama Carmen” or “Abuela”. I used to live with my grandparents from my mom’s side, my parents and my brother in the same house in Mexico, and the only person that was always right and had the last word for pretty much everything was my abuela.

My “Mama Carmen” (everyone used to call her like that because she never allowed us to call her abuela. It made her feel old) was the kind of Catholic that would go to mass every day and also, would try to control your life based on what she thought was the right thing for you. Therefore, everytime that we wanted to dress up for Halloween or try to do anything related to it, my brother and I would be yelled at because we were promoting a Satanic celebration and that we would end up in hell.

So I never really did anything for Halloween and in the end, yes, my abuela was super controlling and maybe too dramatic but I don’t hate her. On the contrary, I love her and miss her (she passed away in 2012) and I have a lot of memories that I can tell to my husband and our daughter and now we are the ones who decide which holidays we celebrate as a family.

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