Growing up Mexican: Religion and my Abuela against Halloween.

When I was a kid back in Mexico I was raised as a Catholic.

I had to go to mass every Sunday and to Catholic school on Fridays.

I was also taught that celebrating Halloween was bad.

Also, in Mexico Halloween is considered a foreign tradition that it’s somehow rejected.

This is just because some people are trying to keep the Mexican traditions alive.

Mexican sugar skull kicking the foreign tradition
Mexican sugar skull kicking the foreign tradition

The influence of  Religion

During the month of October whenever we went to mass the priest used to say: “Halloween is a pagan satanic celebration where people not only perform Satanic rituals but also it’s a celebration that goes against the Catholic church believes because it promotes witchcraft and esotericism

As a result, we never celebrated it.

Halloween described by religion
Halloween described by religion

What it made it even worse was my Abuela.

I used to live with my grandparents from my mom’s side, my parents and my brother in the same house in Mexico.

My Abuela was the person that was always controlling the family and the only person that was always right.

My Abuela was the kind of Catholic that would go to mass every day and also, would try to rule your life based on what she thought was the best.

Therefore, every time that we wanted to dress up for Halloween or try to do anything related to it, we would be lectured about it and our religion.

As a result, I never had the chance to celebrate Halloween.

Religion after my abuela passed

Now that my Abuela has been gone for almost 7 years I no longer go to church.

I love her and I miss her but the fact that she forced me to go to mass for so long has made me more unwilling to go to Church now.

As a consequence, I don’t think that I would go back to church anymore.