How to write a Calaverita poem

A Calaverita Poem (better known just as Calaveritas) is a Mexican tradition of writing a satirical poem about friends, family and pretty much anyone in a verse to make fun of them and the death.

This tradition is part of the Day of the Dead celebration and can be added as part of the ofrenda.


Main Characteristics:

  • Written as verses.
  • Make fun of people.
  • The main character is portrayed as it was dead.
  • Contains images of skulls.

How to write your Calaverita?

  1. Choose your subject. It can be family members, friends, public figures, etc.
  2. Think about something that you know that person does a lot and you want to make fun of it. ( for example, sleep all day, play all day with their phones, etc)
  3. Write about that action that your character does and how because of that now is dead or is going to be soon.
  4. Have fun!!

Calaveritas could be a little bit hard to write but remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be funny and rules are meant to be broken.

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